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As a supplier, we purchase high quality product that meets, or exceeds, API 11AX specifications at an extremely competitive price.  All of the products we offer are domestic, from fittings to seating cups, pressure activated “PA” rings, balls & seats, barrels and plungers.

Quality & Experience

Quality is the name of the game for our pump work.  We guarantee that your pump will leave our shop only after being tested and working properly.  Not only do we thorougly clean all internal parts, we buff each barrel to ensure there are no extrenal cracks.  Most shops do not spend the time buffing the barrel.  They simply put on a new barrel because it is cheaper and quicker for the pump shop.

We are proud to offer years of knowledge on how to build, and rebuild, pumps for various applications.


We will rebuild your pumps as if they were our very own.  Only the parts that cannot be used will be replaced.  We invite all of our customers to visit our pump shop while we dis-assemble your pump and feel free to ask any questions.


Time is money and we value your time.  Our Pump Shop Manager, Tim Huckins, takes his job very seriously.  Each pump that leaves our shop is cleaned, inspected, assembled and tested to meet our quality control procedures.

We offer a pickup and deliver service for your convenience.  Also, we keep numerous spare pumps for exchange to reduce your rig time.

Made in U.S.A. at a Foreign Price?

Through the years our industry has evolved into cheaper prices which usually means using foreign fittings.  When it comes to down hole pump  parts, we have stayed away from them due to the pulling expense that can be incurred by attempting to save $ 6 on a cheaper cage.  We continually see Chinese pump parts coming in our shop that have cracked or the pin ends broken off.  We stand behind our workmanship and guarantee it.  This is not to say that we are expensive!  Our parts are priced competitively with foreign parts, they just last longer.  How can we do this?  It is simply based on volume, lower overhead and less profit.  All of the parts we use are made in America and meet API 11AX specifications.

Give us a Call

Feel free to download our Pump Brochure.  Give us a call and let us price parts for you!

Download Pump Brochure here.

Download Pump Flyer here

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