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HDPE Fittings

We have great pricing on HDPE butt fusion fittings!  We stock DR-7, DR-9, DR-11 & DR-17 in 3408 and 4710 configurations.  Other DR’s are available as well. 

Standard butt fusion fittings include 90 & 45 deg. Ells, Tees, Reducers, Caps, Transitions, Beveled Flange Adapters and Back Up Rings.  Fabricated crosses are also available.


Electro Fusion (EF) Fittings are available along with   equipment.




  Beveled Flange Adapters and Back Up Rings

 Electro Fusion Fittings




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About Clifton Supply Co.

Clifton Supply Co. is a leading provider of oilfield, industrial and safety supplies in West Texas. Located in Pampa, Texas, we provide 24-hour safety, service and solutions.

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